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A background check in Polk County evaluates a person’s criminal and public records. It is often performed using government information sources. Background record search services depend on public records as well as private resources. Everybody has taken a background record check of some kind, whether looking for a job, a condo to rent, hoping to buy a firearm, seeking an expert license, or for another reason. Countless Americans are subject to background checks every single year. Background checks might also take information from the internet like social network sites.

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Polk County Local Area Options

Polk County Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
255 N Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33830
Online – https://pro.polkcountyclerk.net/PRO
In Person Search – Yes

Polk County Circuit Court (Civil –  Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
255 N Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33831
Online – https://pro.polkcountyclerk.net/PRO
In Person Search – Yes

Polk County Court (Criminal)
255 N Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33831
Online – https://pro.polkcountyclerk.net/PRO
In Person Search – Yes

Polk County Court (Civil –  Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
255 N Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33831
Online – https://pro.polkcountyclerk.net/PRO
In Person Search – Yes

Courts & Comptroller General Documents (Death Certificate, Liens, Deeds, Marriage Records, Plust Others)
Web – https://apps.polkcountyclerk.net/browserviewor/

Polk County Property Appraiser
Real Estate Search – https://www.polkpa.org/CamaDisplay.aspx

Polk County Sheriff’s Office
1891 Jim Keene Blvd, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone: (863) 298-6200
Jail Inmate Information Search – http://www.polksheriff.org/detention/jail-inquiry
Warrant Search – http://www.polksheriff.org/detention/warrants-inquiry
Public Records Requests – https://www.polksheriff.org/public-records

  • 911 Audio / Transcripts
  • Animal Control
  • Court Process
  • Crash Reports
  • Crime Reporting
  • Criminal Investigations

Polk County Criminal Background Check Record Checks

Running a Polk County background checks on people will protect you from working with those who have a record of theft, scams, crime, or other deceptive forms of financial or physical abuse. You can help keep your household and business safe from those with a history of provocations or physical violence. Examining people you come in contact with lets you refine the type of people you share your life with. Criminal record checks can display specifics like pending cases or convictions for felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses. These background checks could also reveal periods of incarceration, infractions, and even active warrants.

Jail Inmate Lookup

A jail is a place where individuals are kept for a short time once they have committed a criminal offense or have been accused of it. Prisons houses individuals who have committed a criminal offense and are usually there for a long time. The period of detention for a Polk County jail is from 1 day till 12 months; the time for a prison sentence is more than twelve months.

Free Background Check With Public Records

Access to Polk County public records in the US at the federal and state levels is instructed by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and each state has its own edition of FOIA.

Polk County Police Background Check

Police records in Polk County are usually exempt from public disclosure, and there are two main reasons for this. First, disclosing the info might undercut an ongoing investigation, and secondly, it may threaten someone privacy and safety. Sometimes, departments may release specific information related to the report, such as a reporter conducting a story. Still, they hardly ever release a complete copy.

Countrywide vs Local Record Databases

  • National Criminal Database Package
    A National Criminal Database investigation reports all criminal activities in all 50 states.
  • Florida Statewide Search
    The state police typically do a statewide search.
  • Polk County
    County-level research is done manually through digital accessibility or simply obtaining physical courthouse records.
  • Federal Criminal
    Research for federal offenses typically never appear in the county, state, or national criminal checks. This needs to be done direct.

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