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Florida Court Records are a compilation of all of the records a court generates from criminal and civil disputes that can show what occurred in the courtroom in a court session proceedings. All court proceedings are chronicled, and a record of everything that took place is maintained. Including things like people involved, charges, and conclusions reached, all of which are placed in long-term records.

Florida Supreme Court Online Docket
Web Portal – http://onlinedocketssc.flcourts.org/

Florida District Courts of Appeal Online Docket
Web Portal – http://onlinedocketsdca.flcourts.org/

Circuit (Felony, Criminal, Civil over $15,000, Juvenile, Domestic Relations, Family Law, Estates)
Done at the county level using local resources provided by the county court of clerk office.

County (Court Record Types – Criminal, Misdemeanor, Civil Actions Under $15,000, Small Claims($5,000), Eviction, Traffic)
Done at the county level using local resources provided by the county court of clerk office.

Are Court Records Open To The Public In Florida?

Generally, yes, indeed. Whenever someone files a legal document in a criminal case, a small claims court, eviction case, or various other legal matters, it is open to public inspection. As with many arrangements, there are anomalies. A party to a legal matter might inquire about having a record stationed “under seal.” If the demand gets granted, the data would not be a part of the public record. A judge will likely not authorize this kind of request with no convincing justification.

What is a Clerk of Courts?

A clerk of courts is any individual in charge of reporting statements and tasks that occur during a court session in Florida and any other state. Inside the judicial system, clerks of courts represent a vital duty in the legal system. Their duty is important in the court system because they are charged with the documentation of all actions during the trial. Along with setting up and maintaining documents, the clerk of courts conducts oaths.

How To Look Up Court Records?

Many states and counties just like Florida offer admission to court records with web-based entryways. This access can be confined to court docket searches, and the level of court details provided on the net will generally depend on the county. The state and county you are attempting to get documents from can vary from one location to another. To get started, it’s best to identify if the state has a statewide portal and work your way from there to county courts.

How To Get Court Records Online For Free In Florida?

It’s pretty simple to acquire free of charge court records; however, you have to find out what types of free records you’re searching for before you do. Florida and other states provide access to court records free of charge. You may observe if yours is among them by searching for cost-free court documents via district, state, and central administration court systems. A few public records that can be accessed entirely free with government agency storage systems incorporate small claims, criminal sentences, divorce, etc.

Florida Criminal Vs Civil Court Records.

Florida criminal court and civil court records are different. Civil cases are individual misunderstandings between institutions or people. Criminal cases entail outlawed activities that are harmful to community. Criminal court records are specific cases that take place in criminal court. At the same time, civil court records apply only to civil cases. Although criminal law and civil law, in some instances, overlap, they are two independent areas of law.