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Background record checks will help validate a wide range of factors regarding individuals, according to the records you investigate. People who will be gaining access to you, your home, and your family should be subject to comprehensive background record checks before the keys are handed over. There are instances when you just want criminal details for a Manatee County background check and others where you may need a complete check.

Manatee County Localized Tools

Manatee County Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
1115 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Manatee County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
1115 Manatee Ave W Bradenton, FL 34205
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Manatee County Clerk Court and Comptroller (Deed, Death Cert, Judgements, Liens, Marriage Records, Mortgage, Probate, Others)
Web –

Manatee County Property Appraiser
Real Estate / Property Search –

Manatee County Sheriff’s Office
600 Highway 301 Boulevard West Bradenton, FL 34205
(941) 747-3011
Public Records –

  • Incident Reports
  • Accident Reports
  • Background Checks

Complete a Manatee County Criminal Background

Taking the time to investigate an individual’s criminal history and arrest records is an excellent approach to bypass people who have committed acts of dishonesty, fraudulence, theft, or much worse. Additionally, it helps keep potentially aggressive people far away from you as well as those you love. In most cases, criminal background checks will include misdemeanor and felony convictions as well as any criminal situations currently unresolved. A criminal background check can generate details about previous jail or prison sentences, convictions, tickets, and active Manatee County police arrest warrants.

Jail as Well as Prison Background Checks In Manatee County

If a person has been accused of conducting a criminal act or has been charged and issued a short term, they will serve their sentence in jail. Jails are generally looked after by sheriffs and/or regional governments and are generally designed to keep people expecting trial or are serving a brief sentence. Manatee County jails offer basic necessities like food, drinking water, and shelter to inmates, unlike prisons, where inmates service much longer sentences.

Ways to Do a Free Background Check Using Manatee County Public Records

If you want to dig into someone’s background, start with public records. The amount of material accumulated by local, state, and federal governments will astound you, and most of it is free.

Manatee County Police and Sheriff Solutions for Background Checking

Police records are thought of as Manatee County public records in some instances. Police records can help identify individuals who may be lifelong criminals or have engaged in criminal activity.

Background Checks Repositories

  • Manatee County
    A search of county criminal files for prosecutions or unresolved cases.
  • Florida State
    This flexible, thorough state criminal background search is a blend of state criminal data resources. It can easily be used like a stand-alone criminal history check or a backup to another system.
  • National
    A database with vast sums of documents acquired from the county, state, and federal organizations, along with incarceration and police reports. Any potential matches revealed on the preliminary research should be verified via the local court. We advise combining this search along with county court record research.
  • Federal
    United States Federal District Court documents for felony and misdemeanor details, which include open police arrest warrants, records will consist of the date of a criminal offense, charges, plea, disposition, as well as sentence, among additional details provided by the court.

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