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Orange County Criminal Background Check

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Orange County Background Check

A background history check is a process of learning about an individual’s background. This may include any criminal arrests, traffic or driving violations, commercial, and financial reports. The length of time it takes to conduct a Orange County background check may vary depending on the types of searches conducted. Some directories can offer results almost instantly, while others may require more time. These background checks are becoming increasingly relevant and are usually requested in certain circumstances. For example, if an individual is being considered for a high-level position in an organization, it may be useful to know if background checks revealed any fraudulent activities or criminal history. Since it is believed that a person’s previous behaviors and actions serve to reveal who they are and what they are likely to repeat in the future, these checks are deemed to be very necessary for today’s society.

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Orange County Local Options

Orange County Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
425 N Orange Ave, Rm 150 Orlando, FL 32801-1544
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Orange County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
425 N Orange Ave, Rm 150 Orlando, FL 32801-1544
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Orange County Comptroller (Real Estate Documents, Deeds, Marriage Records, Ect)
Web –

Property Search (General Information and Taxes)
Web –

Orange County Sheriff’s Office
2500 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804
Phone: (407) 254-7000
Current Jail Inmate Database –
Records/Identification Section –

  • Incident Report
  • Local Criminal History Request
    Public Fingerprinting

Orange County Criminal Background Check Record

A Orange County criminal background history check typically involves scanning county criminal court records, nationwide crime databases, sex offender registries, domestic and global terrorist watch listings, and state and federal criminal conviction records. There are various levels of criminal background checks. Level 1 assessments are typically only name-based state reports, whereas a level 2 check peruses state and federal data and is fingerprint-based.

Discover Whos In Jail In Orange County

Some records exist with the names of all individuals who were recently placed in lockups(within the past 24 hours), even if they were subsequently released. There is also a record kept for all individuals who are presently within the lockups. Many county jails make records of present inmates accessible through their web pages.

Public Information and Free Background Checks in Orange County

Orange County public records may be short, and may also be lengthy in nature. Developing the skill of limiting searches and narrowing down data from the records is very crucial as it may lead to loss of time or resources.

Many countries allow the public to make requests to view records electronically using websites and virtual form requests. Otherwise, some may request that a physical visit be done for such requests.

Law Enforcement and Orange County Sheriff Reports

A local background record check is a type of history check that the Orange County sheriff and police office provides. Simply put, this check will include arrests made by a particular police or county sheriff’s deputies. It is therefore very limited as it does not include information on any arrests made by other departments.

Selecting The Right Background Check Repositories

  • National Criminal Records
    Since criminal acts are not restricted to where someone resides or works, it is best to employ an approach that includes all areas that an individual may visit, or reside in. To ensure this, in the screening process, one must search using multi-jurisdictional criminal databases which may discover any hidden data.
  • Florida Statewide & Orange County Criminal Record Searches
    The history of the address, along with any information found from the National Criminal Records Indicator would be taken into consideration when scanning the county and/or statewide criminal databases.
  • Federal Court Criminal Record Searches
    Some serious crimes may only be documented in the federal district courts and would therefore not be discovered during regular county or statewide criminal record searches. It is therefore important to peruse the criminal records held by federal courts as well.

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