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A Pinellas County background check examines an individual’s criminal data, public records, and whether they are in the sex offender database. It is done using government public record databases. Record check services rely on public records and other internet-based data sources for their background checks. Everybody has done a background check of some kind irrespective of whether trying to get a job, a rental, shop for a gun, seeking a specialist license. An enormous number of Americans are susceptible to background record searches each year. Background checks might also include data from the internet, like social networking sites.

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Pinellas County Local Area Tools

Pinellas County Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
14250 49th St N Clearwater, FL 34762
Online –
Online Court Dockets –
In Person Search – Yes

Pinellas County Circuit Court (Civil –  Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
315 Court St, Rm 170 Clearwater, FL 33756
Online –
Online Court Dockets –
In Person Search – Yes

Pinellas County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinances, Citations)
14155 49th St N Clearwater, FL 33762
Online –
Online Court Dockets –
In Person Search – Yes

Pinellas County Court (Civil – Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
315 Court St, Rm 170 Clearwater, FL 33756
Online –
Online Court Dockets –
In Person Search – Yes

Official Records (Taxes, Marriage Licenses, Deeds, Death Records, Others)

Pinellas County Property Appraiser
Search Property –
Property Tax Search –

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
10750 Ulmerton Rd, Largo, FL 33778
(727) 582-6200
Who’s In Jail –
Crash / Accident Report –
Records Division –

  • PCSO Records Checks
  • Incident/Offense Reports
  • Criminal Records

Executing Web-Based Criminal Background Checks In Pinellas County

Whenever you dig deep into anybody’s history, you can help protect yourself from those with a record of violent crimes, fraudulent activity, burglary, etc. You can keep your family safe from individuals with a history of intimidation or violence toward other people. Checking out people you are in contact with will help you filter individuals. Pinellas County criminal history checks can display details like pending criminal cases or past convictions for felony and misdemeanor violations. These Pinellas County background checks also show you prison time, infractions, and even present warrants.

Arrests and Inmates Background Records Searches

Commonly, jails are used to hold people for brief periods and are managed by local counties, staffed by the Pinellas County police. Consequently, jails are smaller since they only service the county in which they are situated. Typically, any person who’s charged for a criminal offense will spend some time in jail, possibly being held or perhaps dealing with the booking process.

Free Background Check by Using Pinellas County Public Records

Public records in Pinellas County refer to information submitted or registered by public institutions, such as corporate and real estate reports. The federal and local government creates public records (vital records, immigration details, real-estate data, driving information, criminal conviction records, etc.) or by the individual.

Law Enforcement and Pinellas County Sheriff Information

After a person reports an event, it is designated to regional officers in the region. The police travel to the incident site to look at the situation, make observations, question witnesses, record data, and complete forms and documents as needed by the Pinellas County police department.

Varieties of Background Checks Repositories Available Online

  • Federal District Check
    The federal check includes a search of federal court records in one or more of the about 90 Federal district courts in the United States to expose convictions for offenses against the government, infractions of federal laws, or possibly violations committed on a government building. 
  • National Records Locator
    The National criminal record locator database will comb through around a million files to gather information from crime in all fifty states. 
  • Florida Statewide Criminal Record Check
    Statewide criminal checks from the Official State Repository, using the correct forms and charges. 
  • Pinellas County / Single County Court Criminal Check
    The search of court records for the county of residence in addition to additional counties as needed.

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