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A DIY St Johns County background check provides high-quality information regarding people and enables you to perform online searches on your own time. Criminal background checks, court record investigations, police arrest checks, public record databases, social media lookups, and more. These databases are generally part of a good background check tool kit and can be completed using state and court public records. The depth of a background record check dependents on how far you want to go.

St Johns County Localized Sources

St Johns County Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
4010 Lewis Speedway St Augustine, FL 32084
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

St Johns County Circuit Court (Civil –  Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
4010 Lewis Speedway St Augustine, FL 32084
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

St Johns County Court (Criminal – Misdemeanor, Traffic)
4010 Lewis Speedway St Augustine, FL 32084
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

St Johns County Court (Civil – Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
4010 Lewis Speedway St Augustine, FL 32084
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Clerk of the Court (Death Certificates, Deeds, Agreements, Liens, Mortgage, Probate)
Web Access –

Property Records –

St Johns County Sheriff’s Office
4015 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine, FL 32084
Phone: (904) 824-8304
Inmate Search –
Warrant Search –
Public Records Request –

  • Agency generated incident reports
  • Arrests for St. Johns County
  • Background checks (St. Johns County Only)  
  • Agency generated Traffic Crash reports
  • Seals and Expunges for arrests in St. Johns County only
  • Agency generated traffic citations, parking and county citations
  • Calls for service at specific locations
  • Uniform Crime Reporting

Web-Based St Johns County Criminal Background Check

There are various kinds of criminal background searches available to people; some will be more reliable and current than others. You will find various databases for criminal lookups—for example, statewide repositories, countrywide checks, and local city and county checks.

Arrest Records in St Johns County

Communities, urban cities, and also counties usually run jails. Prisons, on the other hand, are operated by the state or perhaps federal government. An inmate will complete their term in state prison if they break state law or federal prison if they have committed a federal crime.

The distinction between jail and prison is the amount of time an inmate spends in the facility. St Johns County jails hold people in the shorter term, consisting of individuals waiting for trial or sentencing and those serving less than a year. Prisons have individuals who are serving longer sentences, and this affects the way these centers are built. Jails are designed for fewer people and shorter stays. Alternatively, prisons need to fit individuals for the longer term and will have a more substantial populace.

Free Background Check Run by St Johns County Public Record Information

Google should always be the initial port of call. A simple search could reveal all sorts of details about a person, including their career, family, and the city they live in.

“St Johns County Public records” is an extensive term, and the records available online aren’t consistent. Depending on the area, you might be able to get a person’s birth information, marriage license, divorce decree, and more.

St Johns County Police Background Check

A police record is the review of information made by a law enforcement officer who responds to an incident. You will get your police statement from the regional law enforcement department that prepared it or possibly from your insurance provider.
You may get certain police incident reports on the web, but not all, so the best choice is to contact or check with the official police website.

Federal Vs Multi-State Vs Regional Background Checks

    National database systems are based on acquiring information from all states. If an individual state or county does not upload its data to the nationwide database, the system might have gaps in its coverage space. Thus, national repositories should be used just as a resource to reveal places necessitating additional research.
    If you are performing a background examination, it is essential to obtain a criminal background. These investigations generally come in 2 primary groups: criminal arrest details and court records.
    St Johns County court records are stored within the courthouse at the county level and are considered the most detailed of all records.
    Federal-level checks consist of court cases where the United States government tried an individual in a U.S. District Court.

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