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People run Duval County background checks to ensure a person does not pose a danger to them or others. The most important question to ask before conducting a background history check is the motive behind the assessment. For example, a parent might want to run background checks on potential baby sitter before employing them. To make the most out of the procedure, you should perform it properly, using the proper databases.

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Duval County Regional Tools

Duval County Circuit Court (Felony, Civil, Probate, Family)
501 W Adams St Jacksonville, FL 32202
Online – https://core.duvalclerk.com/
In Person Search – Yes

Duval County Court (Criminal – Misdemeanor, Traffic)
501 W Adams St Jacksonville, FL 32202
Online – https://core.duvalclerk.com/
In Person Search – Yes

Duval County Court (Civil –  Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
501 W Adams St Jacksonville, FL 32202
Online – https://core.duvalclerk.com/
In Person Search – Yes

Clerk Records (Deeds, Death Certificates, Liens, Marriage Records, Mortgage Docs, and others)
Official Records Search – https://or.duvalclerk.com/

Property Appraiser
Real Estate Records – https://paopropertysearch.coj.net/Basic/Search.aspx
GIS – https://maps.coj.net/jaxgis/
Duval County Tax Collector – https://duval.county-taxes.com/public/search/property_tax

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
501 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 630-0500
Jail JSO Inmate Information Search – https://inmatesearch.jaxsheriff.org/
Public Records Center – https://jacksonvilleso.mycusthelp.com/WEBAPP/_rs/(S(cks5debakdphh5laxuzw1kyt))/supporthome.aspx

  • Crash Reports
  • Criminal History Background Check
  • Crime Information

Criminal Background Check In Duval County

To discover information regarding arrests, convictions, and incarcerations, you will need to perform a Duval County criminal background check. You will need to go to a court or check government websites that provide access to these files. Be sure to look up records in all areas and states where your subject has lived.

Inmate & Arrest Data

Whenever people talk about an arrested person, they usually use the terms “jail” and “prison” interchangeably, but they are different. These two containment facilities have different functions.
Jails are county-managed and are smaller compared to prisons. They house local inmates and give significantly fewer conveniences to their inmates. Duval County jails do not keep inmates for too long, usually under a year. An individual may end up in jail throughout their trial or after their sentencing.

Prisons are substantially bigger establishments that are run by the federal or state government. In contrast to jails, prisons get far more funding and offer more amenities for their inmates. It’s because people kept in prison are there for multiple years up to a lifetime.

Free Background Check Run Via Duval County Public Records

It might have been challenging to look for Duval County public records in the past; that was before the internet happened. With the internet, you can quickly identify just about anything on your computer, as numerous sites will allow you to find the public records you need. Some websites will help you find these files for a fee and free on others. You will want to look at court records. Some courthouses will give you accessibility to public reports for free; others may need you to pay a small amount to handle the documentation.

Duval County Police Information

This is the public document a police officer reports crimes like household disputes, traffic collisions, break-ins, scams, theft, stalking, violence, etc. To make a report, citizens ordinarily begin by dialing 911, or their community law enforcement divisions, non-emergency line, to record the occurrence.

Regional and Multiple State Background Record Checks

  • National Criminal History Data Base Search
    There is no national record check, whether through the government or private sector, that displays each criminal offense ever committed. Nevertheless, now there are criminal history databases available that include millions of criminal history records and cover most of the United States of America. These databases are viewed and used to help the local criminal background investigation. 
  • Florida State or Duval County Criminal Record Checks
    A state-wide or County criminal record check is performed to display all misdemeanor and felony convictions in that jurisdiction. The investigation should be conducted in the jurisdiction where the person has his/her longest and most current residency.
  • Federal Criminal Background check
    A federal criminal background check will reveal if a person has had any criminal cases reported against them violating federal criminal laws.

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