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In criminal situations, a warrant is a document issued by the court. They empower Jacksonville law enforcement officers to arrest, search, and seize property.

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Jacksonville Police Department (JSO Warrant Search)
501 E Bay St #204, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 630-7600

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office
501 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 630-0500

First Coast Crime Stoppers
Most Wanted Suspects

Circuit Court (Felony, Civil)
501 W Adams St Jacksonville, FL 32202
Online – Web
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
501 W Adams St Jacksonville, FL 32202
Online – Web
In Person Search – Yes

Jacksonville Warrant Search Online

Most states make warrant documents available to the public. They can be obtained online or from the local court clerk when doing a Jacksonville warrant search.
If you’re looking for warrant records from a specific state, you should search using their local resources.

Obtaining Court Records

Court records are a good place to start looking for people who have outstanding warrants. Jacksonville court records can provide significant information about someone’s criminal history and can be used to determine whether they have an active warrant.
Contact the local clerk of court to access court documents. The clerk can provide information on criminal history and any outstanding warrants.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Warrant Search

You can perform warrant research in a variety of ways in Jacksonville FL. One possibility is to go to a sheriff’s office and get access. You will be required to fill out a form and supply identifying information.

Jacksonville Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a legal order issued by a court to arrest someone. The term bench warrant refers to the fact that the warrant is normally issued from behind the courtroom’s desk.
A Jacksonville bench warrant is issued if a person fails to appear in court. A bench warrant can be utilized at any moment to arrest you and may result in additional charges. If you are served with a bench warrant, you must act quickly.

Jacksonville Arrest Warrants List

A Jacksonville arrest warrant gives the police authority to arrest someone accused of committing a crime. A judge must issue the warrant, which must specify the crime committed. An arrest warrant does not expire, but it can be invalidated by the court if it is found invalid.

Fugitives' Arrest Warrant

When a person runs from justice in Jacksonville FL, a fugitive arrest warrant is issued. This sort of warrant authorizes law enforcement to arrest and transport the accused to the location where they are wanted.

Orders for Searches

Before the Jacksonville police can enter your home, they usually need a warrant. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If the police believe that someone in your home is in danger, they may be permitted to enter without a warrant.

Free Warrant Search in Jacksonville FL

Many courts offer internet databases where you can look up warrants by name or case number. Several websites claim to provide free warrant checks. However, the majority of them do not provide accurate information. It would help if you went directly to court websites in the area where you suspect the warrant was issued.