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A Clay County warrant is a judicial order issued by a judge, magistrate, or other judicial officers. Warrants are usually issued in connection with an arrest or a search of a property.
Warrants are vital to our criminal justice system because they protect us against unlawful searches and seizures.

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Clay County FL Resources.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO Warrant Search)
901 N Orange Ave, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Phone: (904) 264-6512
Warrant Info

Orange Park Police Department
2025 Smith St, Orange Park, FL 32073
Phone: (904) 264-5555

Green Cove Springs Police Department
1001 Idlewild Ave, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Phone: (904) 297-7300

Circuit Court (Felony)
825 N Orange Ave Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Online – Web
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
825 N Orange Ave Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Online – Web
In Person Search – Yes

Clay County Warrant Search Online

There are several ways to do a Clay County warrant search. The state or county of the warrant will determine the optimum method.
Checking with the local police station is one way to determine whether someone has a warrant. They may have a list of outstanding warrants, or they may be able to point you in the appropriate direction.
Contacting the county clerk’s office is another option. They should be able to tell you if the person is wanted on any active warrants.

Obtaining Court Records

Looking through Clay County court records is a good place to start if you seek an active warrant. You can typically obtain these records online, and they can tell you whether or not someone is wanted on a warrant.
Once you’ve located the appropriate court database, simply go through them to see if there are any records.

Clay County Sheriff's Office Warrant Search

The first step is to see if the sheriff’s office has an online database that you may access. If they do, you can input the name of the individual you’re looking for to see if they have any outstanding warrants.
If the sheriff’s office does not have an online database, you must go to the sheriff’s office or call and request access to the warrant records in person.

Clay County Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is a warrant that directs the arrest of someone who fails to appear in court for a hearing. A Clay County bench warrant is often administered when a defendant fails to appear for a scheduled court date.
The warrant authorizes law enforcement to find and apprehend the suspect so that they can be taken before a judge. Once in detention, the defendant will be given the opportunity to explain why they did not appear in court. Depending on the circumstances, the individual may be released on their own recognizance or compelled to post bail. If the person is unable to post bail, they will be held in custody until their next court appearance.

Clay County Arrest Warrants List

An arrest warrant is a legal document that authorizes law enforcement to arrest someone accused of committing a crime. A judge must issue the warrant. It must also explain the offense for which the individual is accused and any conditions that must be met for the arrest to occur. A Clay County arrest warrant does not expire but can be withdrawn or invalidated in various circumstances.

Fugitives' Arrest Warrant

A fugitive warrant is not the same as a regular warrant. It is an arrest warrant issued by one jurisdiction for a person accused of a crime who is thought to have fled to another jurisdiction.
When returning fugitives to where they are accused of a crime, jurisdictions frequently work together. This is accomplished through extradition. The formal procedure of returning a person charged or convicted of a crime to the jurisdiction where the crime was committed is known as extradition.

Orders for Searches

A warrant is required for the police to search you or your property. There are, however, certain exceptions to this rule.

Free Warrant Search in Clay County FL

Contacting your local Clay County law enforcement agency or court is the easiest approach to finding out if you have a warrant for free.
You can look through public court records to determine whether any warrants have been issued against you.