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St. Lucie County inmate records contain information regarding inmates. These records are often stored by the prison or jail in which an inmate is held. They often include information like the inmate’s name and date of birth, offense, sentence behind bars, and other details. These records may also include photographs.
Inmate records are essential because authorities can employ them to track inmates and keep track of inmate populations within facilities.

St. Lucie County Resources

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office (SLCSO Inmate Search)
4700 W Midway Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34981
(772) 462-7300
Inmate Lookup
Inmate Information

Circuit Court (Felony)
201 S Indian River Dr Ft Pierce, FL 34950
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
201 S Indian River Dr Ft. Pierce, FL 34950
In Person Search – Yes

St. Lucie County Jail
900 N Rock Rd, Ft. Pierce, FL 34945

St. Lucie Regional Juvenile Detention Center
1301 Bell Avenue Fort Pierce, FL 34982
Phone: (772) 468-3940

St. Lucie County Inmate Search Online

You have a handful of tools to do a St. Lucie County inmate search. Start by going through your state’s Department of Corrections website, the national federal database, and local jails. You will need the full name and birth date to look up the inmate’s records.

Florida State Prison VS St. Lucie County Jail

There is a significant difference between county jails and state prisons. St. Lucie County jails are reserved for those not yet convicted, while Florida state prisons are reserved for those already convicted. This is a notable difference as it means people in prisons are done with court, while those in jails within might still be in process.

Florida Prison Inmate Search

There are a few methods to check if someone has been sent to a Florida prison. One option is to reach the Department of Corrections where the person was held. Another is going through a searchable online database, such as that maintained by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
These databases are searchable by the person’s name and date of birth.

St. Lucie County Jail Inmate Search

You’ll discover a few techniques you can use to find someone in a St. Lucie County jail. You have three options: search online, call the jail, or use a specialist service to do the work for you.
If you search online, you can find a website listing the county jail where the person is kept. This website should allow you to search for an inmate with a special search tool. You can then enter the inmate’s name and determine if they’re in custody.
You might need to get in touch with the jail directly.
Another way is to find services that have access to public databases.

St. Lucie County Jail Mugshots

St. Lucie County mugshots are photographs of individuals arrested and held in county jails. These mugshots are generally taken when an individual is first arrested and are used by law enforcement officials to help identify suspects. County jail mugshots may also be released to the public in most cases.

St. Lucie County Jail Log

Contact the sheriff’s office of the county in which the inmate was arrested for jail logs. The alternative way is to search for St. Lucie County jail logs online.

St. Lucie County Jail Roster

Anyone who asks for St. Lucie County jail rosters can obtain them online or from the jail itself. The records include the names and arrest info of all persons in custody.