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Various reasons may trigger an individual to look at somebody else’s Pasco County criminal history. You might need to validate if a person has a previous record of theft or violence. Or, you might be thinking about dating somebody and must ensure they have no criminal propensities. Checking somebody’s criminal record before getting too involved is prudent, reinforcing the saying – its better to be safe than sorry.

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Pasco County FL Criminal Record Data.

Circuit Court (Felony)
352-523-2411 x2200
38319 McDonald St Dade City, FL 33525
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County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Ordinance)
352-523-2411 x2200
38319 McDonald St Dade City, FL 33525
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Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PSO)
8700 Citizens Dr, New Port Richey, FL 34654
Phone: (727) 847-5878
Jail In Custody / Arrests Search
Records & Crime Statistics
Active Warrants
Sexual Offenders and Predators Search

New Port Richey Police Department
6739 Adams St, New Port Richey, FL 34652
Phone: (727) 841-4550
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Pasco County Court Records

The court system is an excellent tool for examining someone’s Pasco County criminal past. The most effective technique is to search the county where the arrest occurred, as it’s the primary source of criminal records. You can extend your search to other counties where the person has lived in the past or been detained.

Pasco County Police Records

Obtaining Pasco County police records is crucial to carrying out a criminal history check on someone. The technique for obtaining these records depends on the state’s regulations.

Arrest Info

Arrest records are usually public in Pasco County FL, making them available to anyone. Nevertheless, limitations might apply depending on the state’s laws. Some states limit access to arrest records to law enforcement officials or government employees. Additionally, some states require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get arrest records.

Inmate Reports

Inmate records can supply important information about Pasco County criminal activity. They detail an individual’s arrest, consisting of charges and mugshots. To access these, visit your state’s corrections website, each housing a unique inmate database. Searches can be performed by name or number, and are usually totally free.

Criminal Records Categorized:


Pasco County infractions are typically considered small offenses, but their severity will depend on the resulting damage. An offense leading to an accident or residential or commercial property damage is generally deemed more serious than one without harm.


Criminal records can consist of Pasco County misdemeanors. However, the specifics of misdemeanors appearing on criminal records can differ based on where they were committed.

Pasco County Felony Records

A criminal history check reveals an individual’s Pasco County felony convictions and in some cases, pending felony charges and warrants. This information is normally offered through federal, state, and county databases.

Pasco County Sex Offender Data

Numerous online approaches are available to conduct a Pasco County sex offender search. Most sex offender registries are public records and, therefore, available to everyone. Various states keep public sex offender registries, and numerous private websites provide this service.

Pasco County Dui And Dwi Records

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Pasco County FL includes operating an automobile after excessive alcohol intake, possibly causing accidents and even casualties. If caught driving while impaired, you could face arrest, and the offense’s seriousness may lead to losing your driving license. Conviction might require the setup of an ignition interlock device in your automobile, preventing you from starting your car and truck after drinking alcohol.