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Background checks are now becoming a very crucial aspect of life for most Americans. This is increasingly becoming the new ‘norm’ in society, especially when considering certain matters in life.  As a result of this, it is estimated that at least sixty-five million American citizens will lose out on possible employment opportunities due to criminal files that may exist on their records. For example, an employer may conduct a Palm Beach County background check on an individual being considered for employment in a company or organization. This type of screening will help to determine if the individual is best suited for a specific position of employment with the company. While this may be helpful, on the other hand, the process of conducting an accurate background check is deemed to be quite challenging as it involves checking through various aspects of the justice system such as the courts, as well as examining other public reports directories. To further add to this process, several states are guided by laws and regulations concerning the extent of time that authorities are allowed to access an individual’s records such as disclosed convictions.

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Palm Beach County Local Area Solutions

Palm Beach County Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
205 N Dixie Hwy, 3rd Fl West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Palm Beach County Circuit Court (Civil –  Civil over $15,000, Probate, Family)
205 N Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33402
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Criminal –  Misdemeanor, Traffic)
205 N Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Civil – Civil under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims )
205 N Dixie Hwy West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Official Records Search (Court judgments, deeds, liens, marriage licenses, mortgages, plats, tax deeds and more)
Web –

Tax Deeds Public Search
Web –

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office – PBSO
3228 Gun Club Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406
(561) 688-3000

Find Palm Beach County Criminal Background Case Data

Generally, a Palm Beach County criminal background check involves perusing county criminal court reports, state and federal criminal conviction records, global terrorist watch databases, as well as, national crime listings and sex offender registries.
There are several levels of investigation involved when carrying out a Palm Beach County criminal background check. These include a level one inspection and a level two inspection. A level one inspection is a check done within the individual’s state using names only. However, the level two inspection goes into more detailed information which includes federal records as well and is also done using fingerprints. This uniquely identifies the individual and minimizes the chance of name duplication.

Jail and Prison Search Solutions

As a general principle, once an individual has been arrested, placed in lockup, or convicted of a criminal offense, a fingerprint is usually required. In light of that reality, there will likely be a criminal record created(in the case of a first-time offender) or which already exists (for repeat offenders). This is usually kept by the Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI).

Complete a Free Of Charge Background Check On The Web

Palm Beach County public records and civil recordings can be accessed at no cost.  This can be done through the local court, where civil records are usually kept and preserved.

Police Background Check

The police may be able to carry out a local Palm Beach County records assessment if requested. However, this check is limited as it only confirms the individual’s arrest record within the boundaries of a particular county or city. The result of this check will either be a notice declaring no arrests, or a notice confirming that there is an arrest history, along with the details of the same.

Local, State, and Federal Government Background Investigations

  • Palm Beach County Criminal Records
    County records are deemed to be very trustworthy. Investigations that utilize these records will return felonies or misdemeanor files, specific to the area where the individual resided. These are usually obtained through a direct search of the court’s indices-whether physically or electronically instead of utilizing third-party directories.
  • Florida Statewide Criminal Records
    Statewide record searches are an excellent way of complementing county searches. They enhance county searches as they offer information for charges in counties where the person may not have resided. This option is available in many states.
  • Multi-state Criminal/Sex Offender Databases
    The multi-state criminal/sex offender database search is a comprehensive search that covers multiple states. It is compiled from state records, as well as selected county records. It is also deemed to be reliable as all nationwide charges are first verified at the county level.
  • Federal District Criminal Records
    Major offenses can pose a significant risk to an organization and so federal criminal records aid in reducing this risk as it includes most federal cases. As such, these records are particularly useful when screening for upper-level management positions.

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