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The common belief is that only police officials or professionals should have access to Osceola County criminal records. However, there are several circumstances where ordinary citizens may need to obtain someone else’s criminal record.
For instance, one might consider a business or personal relationship. In such situations, it’s vital to know if the person has a history of violence or theft.
Last but not least, a simple curiosity in someone’s Osceola County history can prompt a background check – the individual might seem too good to be true, or you might have suspicions about your next-door neighbor.

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Osceola County FL Criminal Record Data.

Circuit Court (Felony)
2 Courthouse Sq, #2000 Kissimmee, FL 34741
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In Person Search – Yes

County Criminal Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
2 Courthouse Sq, #2000 Kissimmee, FL 34741
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In Person Search – Yes

Osceola County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO)
2601 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34744
Phone: (407) 348-1100
Jail Inmate Search
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Most Wanted
Sex Offenders

Kissimmee Police Department
8 N Stewart Ave, Kissimmee, FL 34741
Phone: (407) 846-3333
Obtain a Police Report

Osceola County Court Records

Various approaches exist to finding criminal records, with court databases among the most helpful. These databases provide important information on criminal cases, serving as an exceptional resource for discovering someone’s Osceola County criminal history. However, utilizing court databases efficiently to get the most accurate details needs understanding their process.

Osceola County Police Records

Police records are valuable for those seeking additional details about an individual. They expose details about an individual’s arrest history and previous interactions with Osceola County law enforcement.

Arrest Info

A typical misconception is that obtaining criminal information from Osceola County arrest records is challenging. In reality, it’s straightforward if you know where to look. Start your search at the local sheriff or the police department, which maintains arrest records within its jurisdiction.
You can request a copy from the record department if the individual in question was arrested in their area.

Inmate Reports

Several methods exist to search inmate records; the most common is calling the Osceola County sheriff’s department where the inmate was taken into custody. This method provides the most current information about an inmate’s location and status in a Osceola County local jail; for prison inmate records, check the state DOC website.

Criminal Records Categorized:


Traffic infractions in Osceola County FL such as speeding or running a red stop sign are common infractions. Non-traffic violations, including littering or trespassing, are unrelated to motor vehicles. While both infractions incur a fine, traffic infractions also add points to the driver’s license.


A Osceola County misdemeanor, a less serious criminal offense than a felony, can cause up to one year of imprisonment or a significant fine. A misdemeanor conviction appears on your criminal records and is accessible to others conducting background checks.

Osceola County Felony Records

If you’re looking for thorough information about someone’s previous Osceola County criminal activities, a felony record search is a good starting point. A felony is a serious criminal offense that can lead to more than one year of imprisonment and even a death sentence. Multiple approaches exist for a felony record search, consisting of calling your county courthouse for a copy or browsing state prison records.

Osceola County Sex Offender Data

The contents of a sex offender registry can vary by state but typically consist of the offender’s name and address, physical description, offenses committed, and conviction date.

Osceola County Dui And Dwi Records

Charges for driving under the influence (DUI) in the United States significantly vary across states. Charges will depend upon the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level, the existence of minors in the automobile, and whether the offense resulted in an accident.