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Background checks can be a very important part of our lives. Regardless of the type of background check you do, you must at least find out where the other person lived, if they have been arrested or have a criminal background. You must also obtain their civil court history, and sex offender records. A Miami-Dade County background records search has many components, so there are a number of different kinds of assessments. On the other hand, a criminal background records search focuses exclusively on your criminal record, should you have one. Most of the time, a criminal background check will even find out if the person is on any sexual predator databases. Background record checks may benefit people in various ways, which include ensuring the individual does not have a past record of terrible behavior or perhaps criminal acts.

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Miami-Dade County Local Area Solutions

Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
1351 NW 12th St Miami, FL 33125
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Circuit Court (Civil Division –  Civil over $15,000, Probate, Family)
73 W Flagler St, #133 Miami, FL 33130
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Criminal – Misdemeanor, Traffic)
351 NW 12th St Miami, FL 33125
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Civil Division – Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Family)
73 W Flagler St, #133 Miami, FL 33130
Online –
In Person Search – Yes

Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts
Official Record Search –
Property Search –
Marriage License Application Search –

Property Appraiser Property Search

Property Tax Search

Miami-Dade County Police Department
2100 NW 42nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142
Phone: (305) 876-7373
Jail Inmate Search –
Sexual Predator and Offender Map Search –
MDPD Search Warrants –
Request Police Reports & Records –

  • Police Reports
  • Traffic Crash Reports
  • Offense/Incident Report
  • Background Checks and Clearance Letters
  • Fingerprinting Services
  • Body-worn cameras capture video
  • 911 calls

Miami-Dade Criminal Background Check Specifics

A criminal background check is a legal method that may be carried out through an inspection of criminal files of one person by another person. A criminal background check generally exists in the form of a record presenting the details or perhaps mention of past criminal activity.

In a Miami-Dade criminal background record search, the individual performing this procedure might be expected to pay out a fee to specific services that offer lawful background record checks to interested people. On the other hand, a lot of states and jurisdictions have begun to record criminal prosecutions on their internet sites pertaining to a particular and stated criminal activity.

Criminal Offense & Arrest Info

The booking process has numerous steps in Miami-Dade. A person being arrested and convicted of a criminal activity is taken to jail, where a booking officer is going to collect a variety of data, and help get all the facts and information in the system.

Free Background Check In Miami-Dade With Public Records

It’s possible to perform a free background check at state and Miami-Dade County county level, as long as one knows where to look. The sources chosen may vary depending on what kind of investigation is being performed. Remember that there won’t be a single unified platform that can give you everything you require with merely a name query. This process requires effort and time; eventually, it’s possible to use details from various state and county repositories to wind up having a sufficient amount of details.

Criminal History Using Miami-Dade Police Information

It’s important to know that police do not charge people with criminal activities; that obligation falls on district attorneys. A court case is opened only when an offender is officially charged.

Accident files and other reports created and preserved by Miami-Dade County police teams are not a part of the court system, which means that—in contrast to court files—they’re not instantly accessible to everyone. Search warrants are the exception to this principle, since they are recorded with the court of law; fortunately for reporters and people, they also normally have detailed data on the related criminal case.

Along with incident files, various types of police records are typically open to public inspection by request, like recordings of arrest, logs of incident responses, coroner’s office reports and, of course, search warrants. Some reports offered to the public may be classified or censored due to confidential information.

Should People Carry Out Background Check At Both The State and Federal Level

  • Federal District Check
    It consists of an evaluation of federal court public records in one or more of the over 90 federal district courts in the U.S. to reveal convictions for criminal offenses against the government, violations of federal laws, or crimes committed on government property.

  • National Records Locator
    The national criminal record locator databank will comb through about a million records to collect information and facts from all 50 states.

  • Florida Statewide Criminal Record Check
    Statewide criminal checks from the Official State Database, utilizing the appropriate forms and payments.

  • Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Check
    Search of court records for the county of residence plus additional counties as needed.

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