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Leon County background checks can help verify information regarding people. People who will have access to your business, home, and family members should be subject to thorough background records check beforehand. There are instances where all you need is criminal information for a background check, and other times you will require a more detailed examination.

Leon County Local Area Tools

Leon County Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
301 S Monroe St, Rm 100 Tallahassee, FL 32301
Online – https://cvweb.leonclerk.com/public/online_services/search_courts/search_by_name.asp
In Person Search – Yes

Leon County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
301 S Monroe St, Rm 100 Tallahassee, FL 32301
Online – https://cvweb.leonclerk.com/public/online_services/search_courts/search_by_name.asp
In Person Search – Yes

Leon County Clerk of Courts and Comptroller
Official Records Search – https://cvweb.leonclerk.com/public/clerk_services/official_records/index.asp (Plats, Deeds, Mortgages, Others)

Leon County Property Appraiser
Search Property and Real Estate Records – https://www.leonpa.org/pt/Search/Disclaimer.aspx?FromUrl=../search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=owner

Leon County Sheriff’s Office
2825 Municipal Way, Tallahassee, FL 32304
(850) 606-3300
Inmate search – https://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/detention-facility/inmate-search
Daily Booking Report – https://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/law-enforcement/daily-booking-report
Warrant Search – http://www.leoncountyso.com/departments/judicial-services/warrant-search
Records & Reports Requests – https://www.leoncountyso.com/citizen-center/records-reports-requests-(narrative-about-fees-and-services)

Leon County Criminal Background History Report

A criminal history check in Leon County features records of misdemeanor and felony arrests and convictions. Dependent on the kind of criminal record check, a criminal background check might search countrywide, federal, state, and county data sources to produce details. In certain instances, a name-centered check may access a criminal history that does not belong to the search subject; you will want to have more identifying details with common names.

Leon County Inmate Details Research Tools

As a rule, jails are local short confinement locations for people awaiting trial or sentencing. A regional police division runs them in a county or city. Leon County jails are where the police take people arrested for criminal activity – from minor traffic citations to homicide. An inmate’s stay in jail is ordinarily lesser than prison time, but as a result of the slow court system, an inmate can stay in jail for a long time without getting charged with a criminal offense.

Free Leon County Background Check Resources

Search engines like Google or Bing are simple to use and free. You can start with a straightforward search that includes the individual’s name as well as the city or state where you last knew they lived. Putting quotation marks around the words you are researching emphasizes the words and tells the search engine to get web pages that have that exact name.

Law Enforcement and Sheriff Information In Leon County

Police reports are made every time a Leon County law enforcement official responds to a call like an automobile accident, arrests, investigation, and many other scenarios. Police records are used in the criminal court process and also by insurance companies to investigate claims.

Background Assessment Record Basics

    These are specific inquiries into county court records for felony and misdemeanor charges requiring hands-on research of physical and digital courthouse files. These investigations are executed at above 3,100 county criminal courts across the United States and remain the most exact criminal background checks available.
    Since offenses of federal legislation are not seen in county or state records, you will need to search federal records that can span state-wide or perhaps nationally. This type of search taps into the criminal records along with civil cases of 94 federal judicial districts, including all of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico as well as three territories-the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and also the Northern Mariana Islands where federal and individual bankruptcy cases are heard.
    This type of criminal check is used to back up county investigations and perform multi-state research that simultaneously scrapes numerous states’ criminal databases.
    A lot of states maintain repositories of criminal cases registered by county courts along with local police officers. This search uses resources to supplement county criminal research to produce a more thorough record check.

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