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Lee County criminal records are vital documents that chronicle an individual’s criminal history. These records are frequently utilized to evaluate an individual’s viability.

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Lee County FL Criminal Record Data.

Circuit Court (Felony)
PO Box 310 Ft Myers, FL 33902
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County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic)
PO Box 310 Ft Myers, FL 33902
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Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO)
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Phone: (239) 477-1000
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Fort Myers Police Department
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Lee County Court Records

To examine someone’s Lee County criminal history, court records can be an indispensable resource. Depending on the state where the trial occurred, these records might be available online or need in-person access. Navigating court records can be tricky, so it is essential to be prepared. Begin by identifying the court where the trial occurred and then contact that court to request information on accessing records.

Lee County Police Records

Police records can offer extensive details about an individual, including whether they have been jailed or released by the Lee County police. Usually, these records consist of the individual’s name, date of birth, and other info, along with information about the supposed criminal activity, date of arrest, and other arrest-related info.

Arrest Info

If you’re seeking arrest records, bear in mind that in most states, these are openly available. This means anyone can request them from the police department or examine them via the local Lee County sheriff.

Inmate Reports

Inmate records are important tools for conducting Lee County criminal history checks. By examining an inmate’s criminal past, you can better evaluate possible dangers to you or your loved ones. These records likewise allow you to recognize patterns in criminal behavior, which can be particularly beneficial if you’re skeptical of someone.

Criminal Records Categorized:


A Lee County infraction is a less severe offense of the law than a criminal offense, normally not punishable by jail time and categorized as a major crime. Infractions can result in penalties such as fines or probation, while felonies and other severe offenses might call for prison sentences.


When carrying out a records inspection, it’s crucial not to overlook Lee County misdemeanor records. While misdemeanors are less extreme than felonies, they can still provide valuable insight into an individual’s character and reliability. A conviction for theft or assault, for example, may suggest a propensity for future violent or criminal behavior.

Lee County Felony Records

Public Lee County felony records include information on criminal convictions, normally available through the court. These records include an individual’s criminal history and any involved sentencing details.

Lee County Sex Offender Data

Public sex offender registries have information about convicted Lee County sex offenders, helping the public with safety. Such a registry typically consists of the offender’s name, address, image, and information about the crime for which they were convicted.

Lee County Dui And Dwi Records

Every state has laws relating to DUI (Driving Under the Influence), typically forbidding people from operating an automobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The majority of states deem it prohibited for motorists to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or greater. While a misdemeanor DUI in Lee County FL is less serious than a felony DUI and might lead to fines, probation, or community work, a felony DUI brings more serious consequences, potentially including jail time, driver’s license suspension, and other penalties.