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You might want to pull somebody’s Jacksonville criminal record for numerous reasons. Maybe you’re considering someone you don’t know and want to conduct a comprehensive criminal check.
Or you might be starting a new relationship and want to look into the person’s past. You can make more informed decisions regarding people by checking criminal records.

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Jacksonville Court Records

Accessing court records can be achieved with several methods in Jacksonville FL; however, the most dependable is through the county courthouse.
While private websites provide access to court records, they won’t have the most up-to-date ones. Check the county courthouse where the case was heard for the most accurate records.

Jacksonville Police Records

The police utilize various types of Jacksonville police records for investigations; many are accessible to the general public. Criminal records are frequently the most sought-after, as they can offer comprehensive information about an individual’s criminal activities and are typically the backbone of a background check.

Arrest Info

Arrest records are public documents in Jacksonville FL having information about law enforcement arrests and are an excellent resource for discovering a person’s criminal history that is more recent.

Inmate Reports

Several opportunities exist for finding inmate records. Usually, people can work with the Jacksonville sheriff’s office or the Florida state Department of Corrections.
Alternatively, a private online database can find inmate records, typically including basic details like the inmate’s name, birth date, race, gender, and location. In addition, these records typically consist of the inmate’s mugshot, criminal record, and present location. When searching online, you’ll require the inmate’s complete name and birth date for successful retrieval.

Criminal Records Categorized:


A notable distinction exists between traffic and non-traffic infractions in Jacksonville FL. Traffic infractions are normally more serious, leading to points on your license, increased insurance coverage rates, and possible jail time. Non-traffic infractions, on the other hand, generally don’t carry the same effects.


Jacksonville misdemeanors are less serious criminal offenses than felonies and can lead to fines or imprisonment. There are numerous levels of misdemeanors; petty misdemeanors are considered the least significant and can be penalized by a small fine, while significant misdemeanors can lead to a prison or jail sentence.

Jacksonville Felony Records

Determining if someone has a Jacksonville felony conviction might be challenging for many people. One reliable approach is to inspect the court records for the county where the conviction happened. You can likewise access federal and state criminal databases for this information.

Jacksonville Sex Offender Data

If you need to evaluate sex offender records in Jacksonville FL, numerous options are available. You can search your local registry or a national sex offenses database. By entering your state/county name followed by “sex offender registry” into an online search engine, you should discover a list of websites to access local sex offender records.

Jacksonville Dui And Dwi Records

A Jacksonville DUI, which stands for Driving Under the Influence, refers to driving a car while impaired by alcohol or drugs. When convicted of this offense, one may face considerable repercussions such as arrest, financial penalties, suspension of driving privileges, and required enrollment in alcohol or drug rehabilitation courses.