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A Hialeah criminal records search can be necessary whether you’re considering dealing with an individual or getting familiar with someone.
A background check reveals if the individual has any criminal history that might render them unsuitable for an individual relationship. In many jurisdictions, criminal records are public and online, but there might be restrictions on the availability of certain types, such as sealed or expunged records.
You need the person’s name, date of birth, and other identifying information to search. You can request copies of their criminal record from your local clerk’s office or use a private service.

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Hialeah FL Criminal Record Data.

Hialeah Police Department (HPD)
5555 E 8th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33013
Phone: (305) 687-2525
Public Information Office

Circuit Court (Criminal – Felony)
1351 NW 12th St Miami, FL 33125
Online Search
In Person Search – Yes

County Court (Criminal – Misdemeanor, Traffic)
351 NW 12th St Miami, FL 33125
Online Search
In Person Search – Yes

Miami-Dade County Police Department (MDPD / MDCR)
9105 NW 25th St Doral, FL 33172
305-4-POLICE (305-476-5423)
Jail Inmate Search
Request Police Reports & Records
Search Warrants Online
Most Wanted Predators and Offenders
Sexual Predator and Offender Map Search

Hialeah Traffic Citation Information
11 East 6th Street Hialeah, FL 33010
(305) 275-1111

Hialeah Court Records

Court records offer many details about an individual’s past, helping you make informed decisions about associating with them. They are among the most reliable sources of criminal information.

Hialeah Police Records

You can get police records by requesting them from the local police department. While the request procedure varies across departments, it usually includes completing a request form.
Numerous departments have a records department for managing these requests.

Hialeah Arrest Info

Online searches for arrest records are quicker and simpler than in-person inquiries at local courthouses. Nevertheless, online searches might not be the most efficient way considering that not every arrest record is digitized and accessible online, possibly limiting the amount of information you can discover.

Inmate Reports

Inmate records can reveal conviction information in Hialeah FL, the crime’s severity, and the detention length. They can also confirm an individual’s identity. Searching inmate records for the person’s name and address can be specifically helpful if you’re looking for criminal records or attempting to find somebody.

Criminal Records Categorized:


In Hialeah, infractions are non-criminal offenses and thus will not show up on a criminal record check. Exceptions exist, though. If you have been previously convicted of an offense or are presently on probation, the infraction might get upgraded.


Misdemeanors in Hialeah FL, punishable by a fine or as much as a year in county jail or prison, are considered less serious offenses than felonies, yet they can still carry severe penalties.

Hialeah Felony Records

An essential part of any criminal record check is analyzing Hialeah felony records for convictions. A felony is an extreme criminal offense that might lead to jail or prison time, with typical felonies including murder, rape, and burglary.
Individuals with felony convictions often face problems getting work, real estate rentals, or loans.

Hialeah Sex Offender Data

A Hialeah sex offender registry, a database of people convicted of sex offenses, proves beneficial for police and the general public. It helps identify offenders based on their property, work, or school areas, offering information about their convictions and activity limitations.

Hialeah Dui And Dwi Records

A Hialeah DUI is considered a major criminal offense in most states and will appear on a criminal history check.
A DUI arrest without a subsequent conviction or a conviction from many years ago may not be as impactful as a recent or more severe offense.