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Citrus County Criminal Background Check

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Background checks are becoming a common tool in today’s world of meeting and dealing with people online. Individuals who don’t perform a Citrus County background check risk prospective issues that could arise if a person had a violent past or were associated with financial crimes. Old-fashioned background check providers often offer several different records within the background packages, which is why it could take some time to acquire all the details. It’s also essential to bear in mind that particular states and counties limit the data accessible online and may need to be requested manually.

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Citrus County Regional Sources

Citrus County Circuit Court (Felony, Civil Over $15,000, Probate, Family)
110 N Apopka Ave Inverness, FL 34450
Online –
Court Docket Search –
In Person Search – Yes

Citrus County Court (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Civil Under $15,000, Eviction, Small Claims)
110 N Apopka Ave Inverness, FL 34450
Online –
Court Docket Search –
In Person Search – Yes

Citrus County Clerk of Court & Comptroller (Deeds, Agreements, Liens, Mortgage, Marriage, And Others)
Web Search –

Citrus County Property Appraiser
Real Estate and Property Search –

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office
1 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Inverness, FL 34450
(352) 726-4488
Jail Inmate Arrest Records –
Citrus County Sexual Offenders & Predators –
Public Records –

  • Transcription
  • Offense, Arrests, and Calls For Service Reports
  • Local Background Checks
  • Traffic Crash Reports

Citrus County Criminal Background Check

Because criminal conviction records are often checked by name, any search conducted without past surnames or aliases might overlook any possible records of criminals generated under those previous names.

Citrus County Jail and Prison Background History

To find a person in prison or Citrus County jail, it is important to identify what facility they are located in. Jails will keep individuals in a short-term situation, for example, awaiting a hearing or not posting bail.

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The definition of a public record depends on the state you reside in, as various jurisdictions have different legislation concerning public records. Nonetheless, many Citrus County public records contain marriage records, divorce reports, criminal records, bankruptcy records, and lien data. Record checks and people searches use data from these sources.

Criminal Background By Using Citrus County Police Reports

To get a local Citrus County record check, call your regional police or sheriff’s office to obtain the information needed. The information offered is compiled from the record made by the County Sheriff’s Office or regional police department. For all others, get in touch with the municipality which made the report in their legal system.

Difference Between State, County, and National Records

  • National Criminal Record
    For the broadest searching background check, try a national background check. With the national background record check, searches can view records that were obtained from many areas.
  • Florida State Criminal Record
    Official state criminal record checks are available in many states and searches statewide for criminal convictions.
  • Citrus County Criminal Records
    All through the United States, there are around three thousand different counties. County criminal background records searches can help you acquire the data you need about any documents on file within the county courthouse.
  • Federal Criminal Records
    Local and county court records will find criminal convictions, but they only work for non-federal crimes. The federal criminal check is the only method to acquire criminal records from the federal court system.

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